10 Simple Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

Increasing the value of your home may sound expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. A few simple changes and upgrades increase your home’s perceived value and can get you a better selling price. We’ll explore ten simple tips for improving your home’s value that is easy to implement and don’t break the bank. 

Get a realtor’s opinion.

If you’re selling your home, getting a realtor’s opinion is essential to building your property’s value. Realtors have the expertise to offer valuable insights into market trends and the features home buyers are looking for. Working with a realtor can save you thousands of wasted dollars on projects that won’t increase your home’s value. 

Realtors can also help you price your home based on current market trends and the existing features of your property. By pinpointing gaps you could be getting more money from, you can prioritize improvements more likely to give you the best return on your investment. For example, if your kitchen’s aesthetic is country classic in a market of people looking for clean and modern, you might target a kitchen remodel checklist to increase your home’s selling price. 

Work with a home inspector.

Working with a real estate professional is crucial to get the most value out of your home, but so is working with a home inspector. Home inspectors are professionals who can identify potential issues in your home that may affect your selling price. A home inspector informs you of any necessary repairs you need to make before putting it on the market so you can improve the condition of your home and increase its value. 

Before selling your home, you want to ensure it is up to code and compliant with local building regulations. By working with an experienced home inspector, you increase your home’s value and reassure potential buyers knowing they won’t experience any substantial repairs with their new home. 

Apply a fresh coat of paint.

Discoloration and wear and tear on your walls naturally occur if you’ve lived in your home for a long time. By painting your walls, you make your home look better-maintained and cover up any damage. Repainting your walls makes your home appear cleaner and can increase your home’s perceived value. 

Additionally, repainting your walls based on current buyer trends makes your home look newer and more modern, thus increasing its value. Choosing the right colors for your indoor and exterior walls reflects your style and can make your home look unique and more appealing to potential buyers. 

Revamp your garden

If your home has outdoor spaces, redesigning or building a garden offers additional outdoor living space could increase your property’s value. Additionally, a garden space may be a selling point for buyers interested in nature, particularly if your home is in a warmer climate. If you provide a low-maintenance garden with drought-resistant plants and automated irrigation systems, you appeal to buyers who want gardens they don’t have to spend too much money or time on. 

Remove your popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings may have been popular in the 70s and 80s but isn’t exactly a modern feature homebuyers are looking for. By removing this ceiling feature, you increase your home’s value but also remove a potential health hazard. Many popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, and removing them reduces the risk of exposure.

If potential health hazards aren’t enough reasons to remove your popcorn ceilings, maybe making your home appear brighter and cleaner will. Popcorn ceilings can cast shadows, making your spaces feel darker. Removing them creates a brighter and cleaner look that appeals to potential buyers. These ceiling styles can also make a room feel smaller, so removing them makes it feel more spacious overall. 


Over time, our living spaces can pile up with junk and clutter. Decluttering your spaces and removing excess furniture and items can make your home appear larger, an essential selling point for buyers looking for spacious homes. Additionally, by organizing your belongings, you improve the flow and functionality of your home. 

Removing personal items and minimizing clutter make it easy for potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. A decluttered and well-organized home creates a sense of luxury and sophistication, increasing the perceived value of a property. 

Embark on minor bathroom upgrades.

We spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Minor bathroom upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune. Updating features, tiles, paint, lighting, and more increase the functionality of your bathrooms and modernize their look. Additionally, addressing maintenance issues like leaky faucets, broken tiles, or replacing outdated fixtures addresses potential maintenance issues, assuring interested buyers. 

Update with energy-efficient appliances.

Energy-efficient appliances improve the overall energy efficiency of a home, which can be a selling point for many homebuyers. Additionally, new appliances offer a modern look because of their sleek design, another attractive feature for potential buyers. Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances increases the value of your home as potential buyers are willing to pay more for a home with updated appliances and a lower electricity bill. 

Add curb-appeal

The first thing buyers see when checking out your home is curb appeal. By making a good first impression with a well-groomed yard, an attractive entryway, and quality landscaping, you increase the perceived value of your home. Adding features like a patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen improves your outdoor living spaces and can reduce the time your property sits on the market. 

Stage your home

While home staging furniture items aren’t included in the sale of the home, they do work wonders in increasing the perceived value of your home. Staging your home with modern furniture and hanging art helps potential buyers envision themselves living in your home. By highlighting your home’s potential, you increase its perceived value. Staging can also maximize your existing spaces, making them feel more spacious, a major selling point for buyers. 

Getting a better sale price

By following these ten simple tips, you can increase the value of your home and get a better return on your investment. From decluttering to repainting and staging your home, there are many ways to increase the value of your home. 

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