Fostering a Culture of Remote Work

Millions of people worked remotely during the pandemic, starting a trend that society still has yet to move away from. In 2023, about 40% of United States employees report working remotely at least one day per week. Some of the most popular industries, like educational services or professional and business services, were reaching nearly 50% of employees working remotely. Since 2020, these numbers have shrunk, but the future of a full return to the office is uncertain.

Remote work is available nationwide, dominating some of the most populated states. This is in contrast to global statistics, where over 66% of employees are on-site. Although work from home popularity has settled since the start of the pandemic, there are still several significant benefits of indulging in such opportunities. Working from home may help save money on gas and food, can allow for more time spent with family and friends, eliminates time consuming commutes, and many other positive aspects. Employers may benefit from remote work as well. These options reduce absenteeism, can boost productivity, save money, and even lower turnover.

Studies have shown that in 2023, nearly 100% of people say that they want to work remotely all of or at least some of the time. In order to keep these teams out of the office, connectivity platforms and cybersecurity tools are a must. With the help of these tools, employers and employees alike can feel confident in their work no matter where they are.

Return To Office or Work From Home?

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