Welcome to the digital edition of Extant, Fly Over Media’s fall fundraising show.

Extant is a collection of 16 images by a diverse group of photographers. Each was created independently from the others. When presented together, these photos speak to the triumphs, struggles and whims of the human spirit. Each photograph fits with Fly Over Media’s mission to document underrepresented and rural communities.

As you scroll down the page, we offer you short audio clips from each photographer discussing their image – what their day was like, what the picture means to them, what it says about the people or place depicted.

We encourage you to spend time with the image once the audio starts rolling, and hope hearing these photographers speak in their own voices will help better connect you with both the photographer and the subject of their work.




By Grant Hindsley.

Grant Hindsley is a 25-year-old photojournalist in Washington state. Though he resides in Seattle, he feels most at home on the road. He hopes to continue working on how humans and their environment inform and shape one another. Outside of photography, Grant enjoys two-wheeled adventure machines and continuing to learn and experience the mountains as a newer outdoorsman.



By Brianna Soukup.

Brianna is a visual journalist living in Portland, Maine and a staff photographer at the Portland Press Herald. She sees photography as a tool to gain insight into peoples lives and their stories, and feels extremely lucky to be able to do so.


By Emily Harger.

It took moving away from Emily’s small hometown along the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania to realize her love for telling stories in Appalachia. Since graduating from Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication in May 2016, she aims to continue her career documenting how economics and cultural identity are deeply intertwined in small town America. When Emily isn’t behind the camera or obsessively diving into a Premiere project file, you can find her rock climbing, hiking, cooking up a new recipe, or journaling on her front porch.


By Alyssa Schukar.

Alyssa is a photo and video freelancer these days. She also teach visual journalism at Columbia College Chicago, and the first five years of her career were spent on staff at a newspaper in the Midwest.


By Parker Michels-Boyce and Chet Strange.

Parker Michels-Boyce is a photographer and visual storyteller working out of Central Virginia. He studied photojournalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia and his work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country. His recent work examines the ways in which people interact with and affect the natural world. Always ready for an adventure, Parker is an avid backpacker and spends his free time in the mountains, taking photos, and enjoying the scenery.

Chet Strange is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Richmond, Virginia. A 2013 graduate of Indiana University, Chet studied photojournalism and environmental science, passions born out of a desire to understand how humans affect, and are affected by, the world around them. His current work focuses on social and environmental issues.


By Joshua Corbett.

Joshua Corbett is a freelance photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. He holds an MA in International Relations from Johns Hopkins, was selected for the 2014 Eddie Adams Workshop, and is currently pursuing a long term project on subsistence hunting in rural Western Alaska with grant support from the Rasmuson Foundation.


By Lukas Keapproth.

Lukas Keapproth is an independent photojournalist based in Austin, Texas, and a lecturer at the University of Texas. He was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin. After graduation he worked two years as a staff photographer at the Green Bay Press-Gazette before moving to Austin to pursue his masters degree. Lukas’ images have appeared in TIME Magazine, Playboy, The Washington Post, USA Today and many others.


By Eric Kruszewski.

Eric Kruszewski is an editorial photographer and videographer with National Geographic Creative who based in Washington, D.C. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, his documentary and journalism work focuses on people who have undergone transitions in life, individuals and groups who are marginalized by society and unique subcultures that might not receive mainstream attention. In addition to covering his preferred subjects, Eric has a passion for teaching photography, storytelling and the creative process. He is a photography workshop leader with National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions, where he travels the world guiding adults and high school students.


By Patrick Breen.

Patrick Breen grew up in Omaha, Nebraska with a family that dragged him all around the state. He says dragged, because when he was little he didn’t appreciate it. As he got older, the communities he photographed, the people, the places have all stuck with him. After graduating from UNL in 2012, Patrick moved from the heartland to the heart of the big city of Phoenix where he works as a staff photographer for the Arizona Republic. He loves where he lives, but misses the people and the Midwest dearly.


By Laura McDermott.

Laura McDermott is a Charleston, S.C. native now living in and documenting the Detroit area as an independent photographer. After completing her degree in photojournalism at Ohio University, she took an internship at the Flint Journal in Flint, Michigan. It was there she fell in love with the state shaped like a mitten and decided to call it home. When she’s not on assignment you can find her cooking up some food for her friends or enjoying some wine and a good book.


By Kyle Bruggeman.

Kyle is a graphic designer and photographer born and raised in Lincoln, Neb. After making a pinhole camera at age 16 Kyle was hooked on photography. Today he works in visual communications through journalism, advertising and non-profits. His enemies include the Comic Sans font and photos with filter effects.


By Madeline Cass.

Madeline Cass is an artist / biohacker / mycologist / poet / moss collector / vagabond / starseed-human from Nebraska. Her main interest lies in finding intersections between the arts and sciences, specifically with regards to the fungal kingdom.


By Ryan Dorgan.

Ryan Dorgan (b. 1987) is a photographer based in Wyoming. He has spent the last three years documenting the issues most important to residents of the country’s least populous state, from the effects of wolf predation on big game populations in the state’s northwest mountains to the fallout of mismanaged oil and gas leases on private ranches in the Powder River Basin. His personal work focuses on westward migration, exploring the West as a blank canvas that has been defined and redefined by the dreams and motivations of generations of Americans looking to build a new life in the nation’s vast interior.


By Keith Rutowski.

Keith is a photographer, writer, and multimedia producer. He was born and raised in the Midwest, graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Cincinnati and is currently completing a Master’s in photography at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. He’s fond of international cinema, libraries, and conversations.


By Tristan Spinski.

Tristan Spinski (b.1978) is a photographer, writer and co-founding member of GRAIN, a photography collective. Tristan earned his master’s degree in journalism from UC Berkeley, and his work appears regularly in The New York Times, Audubon and Mother Jones. Tristan lives in Portland, Maine with his wife, Sarah, and two dogs, Floyd and Billie Ocean.


By Amber Bracken.

Amber Bracken is a member of Rogue Collective and lifelong Albertan covering assignments across the province and farther from home. After getting her start as a staffer in daily newspapers, she has moved on to a freelance career and the pursuit of long-term projects. She has since worked with clients like The Globe and Mail, Reuters, Maclean’s Magazine, The Canadian Press, Postmedia and Canadian Geographic. Her interest is in the intersection of photography, journalism, and public service. She will always look for ways to help people through photography both professionally and in her personal work.

Thank you for viewing Extant. We want to thank each photographer for contributing their work and time to make this show deeply compelling. Even more, we are extremely grateful that they continue to produce moving, in-depth journalism about people and communities often overlooked by news media outlets. Fly Over Media helps journalists pursue such work. By supporting our organization, you make even more work created in that spirit possible.


We also want to thank our host for the physical show, The Ferguson House; our sponsors, Zipline Brewing Company, Global Eyewitness, Hear Nebraska, KZUM and The Mill Coffee & Tea; as well as our volunteers for bringing this show to life.

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